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Houlder Construction was incorporated in 1971, and has been providing oilfield construction & related services since this date.


We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with our company history.


Houlder Construction is a pipeline construction company installing steel pipe up to 12”, HDPE plastic pipe and Composite pipe such as Fiberspar, Flexpipe, Flexsteel and Fiberglass Thread pipe of all sizes. For our steel pipeline services we perform conventional pipe installation with Track hoes and Boom Cats. Our company has also been ploughing in plastic, all composite pipes for over 25 years in a variety of sizes such as 3/4" to 10" in HDPE plastic and 3, 4 & 6" inch. in Composite pipes. Our pipe plough is a large enough size to get us 6' of cover. With this unit we can also plough off set if necessary. Over the last 10 years, Houlder Construction has been dedicated to steel pipe installation, ploughing and trenching of plastic and composite pipes. All of our equipment is ready year round for work. We are one of the recommended installers of plastic pipe in Alberta by Polytubes Inc., recommended installers composite pipe by Fiberspar, Flexpipe systems and Flexsteel.


Our track record for installing plastic and Composite pipe as well as steel is excellent as any of the oilfield companies listed will attest to. Houlder Construction has been in business in the Town of Grimshaw since 1971. It is a family owned and operated business. The partnership consists of Bud Houlder and his Son James, who both have built a very successful business in a small town.

The company has approximately 20 full time employees of which some have been with us for 20+ years. During the peak construction season we will see an increase in our personnel numbers to about 80+ people.

We are located in northwestern Alberta, which we feel is very centralized for a large part of the oilfield work. Grande Prairie is approximately 180km south, Whitecourt is approximately 320km east, and Rainbow Lake is approximately 410km north. We have however worked as far south as Medicine Hat, east as Lloydminster, north as the NWT border, and west as the AB/BC border

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